As a highly experienced and creative International company Hayles and Howe, inc. offer exquisite attention to detail and finishes for any scagliola project including restoration or conservation.

Scagliola is a marble-like material made from plaster, pigments and glue, polished by hand to a brilliant shine. The company founder David Hayles is widely considered to be the leading expert in both traditional and marezzo scagliola and has taught at both the European School for Craft Conservation in Venice and the Edward James Foundation in Sussex, UK.

Our scagliola services cover all areas from design and specification to manufacture and installation. The company has a proud tradition of providing a high quality service to any home or building, public or private, large or small.

Scagliola is a versatile and beautiful artificial medium that can be produced in a wide range of forms and colours which do not need to, but can, imitate those of natural minerals. It is now considered to be one of the most prestigious materials in the building trade.

The name scagliola is derived from the Italian word for splinters of coloured material (scaglie) mixed together with plaster and pigment to create a marbled effect. Its production is time consuming and painstaking, involving a carefully regulated polishing process. The finished article is virtually indistinguishable from real marble.

Hayles and Howe, inc. specialise in the manufacture, restoration and conservation of scagliola and have carried out award winning projects in both historic and new buildings throughout the world. This skilled workforce are able to provide a wide range of stunning scagliola products including mouldings and door-surrounds, corbels, plinths, pedestals, table tops, wall panels (plain, book matched or in-laid) and a full range of columns and pilasters in all the architectural orders. We also enjoy manufacturing scagliola to match or complement any colour scheme.

As the manufacture and installation of scagliola is so specialised and labour intensive, each enquiry receives individual attention.