Hayles and Howe, Inc. are leaders in Ornamental Plasterwork and Scagliola.

Hayles and Howe, Inc. offers design, drafting, mold making, bench run plaster, casting and installation of ornamental plaster; lathing and application of gypsum, clay and acoustic plaster smooth finishes; and design, fabrication, and installation of Marmorino and traditional scagliola.

Our aim is to preserve and further the ancient traditional crafts particularly but not exclusively Plasterwork and Scagliola, in the firm belief that everyone, our clients, our people, the general public and our descendants all benefit. We will apply the skills we learn to the highest possible standards, providing our clients with the very best available craftsmanship.

Hayles and Howe - Creating Beauty

Historic and Classical

Pursue projects of historical significance to learn from the masters

Hayles and Howe - Preservation


By pursuing work in public buildings and Theatres to contribute to peoples enjoyment.

Hayles and Howe - Historic & Classical

Creating beauty

By pursuing new and restoration work in homes great and modest, to provide greater beauty in everyday life.

An International company established in 1978, based in the US and UK serving all corners of the World

Hayles and Howe was established in England in 1978 and branched out to the US. In the late 1980’s, a team of craftsmen from England’s Hayles and Howe were contracted to restore the scagliola in the New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton, NJ. Because of their superior work, more projects were contracted, and the Hayles and Howe reputation grew until it became clear that a United States plasterwork and scagliola company needed to be born.

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Latest Posts

Early 2019 Update

Wed 27th February, 2019

  Starting 2019 off, we have been busy finishing up jobs. Currently, our shop is a combination of our regular crew and site workers that are assisting in painting windows for a job in Virginia. Our site has been updated to show jobs we have going on and photos of the beautiful...

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Graham Paul Banks, Vice President of Operations at Hayles and Howe, Inc. died unexpectedly at 66.

Mon 19th November, 2018

  Graham Paul Banks, Vice President of Operations at Hayles and Howe, Inc. one of the world’s leading ornamental plastering and restoration companies died early Thursday morning at Howard County General Hospital. He was born in Portsmouth, England in 1952, son of Ronald and...

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2018 Update

Thu 23rd August, 2018

HERE'S A LITTLE UPDATE ON WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO. Earlier this year, we were happy to have our hardworking craftsmen win the Washington Building Congress (WBC) Craftsmanship Award for their work at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Center in Bowie, MD. We congratulated Sandro...

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Gingerbread Fun From KatzAbosch

Mon 4th January, 2016

We were excited to receive this beautiful and tasty treat from our friends at KatzAbosch.  Thank you and a Happy New...

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